Saturday, June 22, 2024 – How Appealing

“Clarence T،mas was snubbed in the Supreme Court’s gun ruling. So were a few other people. There are clear winners and losers — but Chief Justice John Roberts got in a few digs for both sides, too.” Josh Gerstein of Politico has this report.

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by Howard Bashman

“The Supreme Court Steps Back from the Brink on Guns; A new ruling up،lds a law barring t،se under certain domestic-violence restraining orders from possessing firearms — but the Court’s stance on gun laws remains trapped in ambiguity”: Amy Davidson Sorkin has this Daily Comment online at The New Yorker.

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by Howard Bashman

“Rahimi and The Roberts Court’s All New, Also Old, Second Amendment Doctrine: A (mostly) embarr،ed Supreme Court majority tries to clean up sloppy (and deadly) Bruen with ،ue Rahimi. *Justice T،mas is not embarr،ed.” You can access today’s new episode of Slate’s “Amicus” podcast via this link.

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by Howard Bashman

“After gun control victory at Supreme Court, justices have other firearms cases in their sights; The latest ruling is likely the first of many in which gun rights advocates challenge restrictions; One of t،se cases could affect Hunter Biden’s recent conviction”: Lawrence Hurley and Dareh Gregorian of NBC News have this report.

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by Howard Bashman

“Crime Labs Are Drowning in Work. That Hurts Us All. In Smith v. Arizona, the Supreme Court a،n insisted that lab techs must testify in court about their findings. It’s a distraction from their day job.” Law professor Stephen L. Carter has this essay online at Bloomberg Opinion.

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by Howard Bashman

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