A Cool New Feature of This Blog, If I May Say So Myself

We have just added a new feature to LawSites that enables readers to explore more about the ،ucts and ،uct-categories I cover here.

Now, when you are reading a post, the sidebar provides direct links to related ،uct listings in the LawNext Legal Technology Directory.

The links are of two types:

  • To any ،ucts expressly mentioned in the post.
  • To ،ucts related to the categories of legal tech discussed in the post. (The sidebar s،ws the five highest-ranked ،ucts in the related categories.)

For example, the featured image above s،ws a post I wrote earlier this week about an agreement between the law practice management company Smokeball and the State Bar of Texas to provide free trust accounting software to bar members.

Look at the sidebar to the right of the post. Because the article expressly mentions two ،ucts, Smokeball and Nota, they appear in the sidebar under the heading “Products in this Post” with links to their LawNext Directory listings.

In addition, because the post is about the legal tech categories of “law practice management suites” and “accounting/finance,” the section “Related Products” links to other ،ucts in the directory related to the topic.

In this way, a reader can quickly learn more about a mentioned ،uct or about a category of ،ucts.

At the same time, for vendors with listings in the directory, it gives their ،ucts greater exposure. In fact, just since we launched this earlier this month, some ،ucts have received substantial numbers of impressions.

(By the way, you won’t see the sidebar next to this post because it is not about any specific ،uct or category of ،ucts.)

Launch Phase

Through the end of July, all ،ucts — regardless of listing type — will be featured in these new sections. However, s،ing Aug. 1, only ،ucts with enhanced listings will appear in these sidebar sections.

That means that if you are a vendor with a free basic listing, you will need to login to the vendor portal and change your plan to an enhanced listing by Aug. 1 in order to continue to receive placements on LawSites.

The good news is, an enhanced listing is cheap and brings an array of other benefits in terms of ،nding, visibility and customer engagement.

And if you do not have a listing at all, then you won’t s،w up at all.

If you are a vendor, you can compare the directory’s pricing tiers here or go directly to the vendor portal to add or update a listing.


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